PhD Medical Physics, BSc Physics
Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Duke University

I am a recent medical physics PhD graduate (defended dissertation in March 2021) with a bachelor’s degree in physics . I am an interdisciplinary researcher who works at the interface of physics and biology. My PhD research projects are focused on analyzing effects of anisotropy on cardiac mehanotransduction and generating spatial distributions using the mechanical bidomain model. My research work involves mathematical modeling (continuum mechanics), numerical analysis (FDM) and generating computer simulations using MATLAB.

Information about my publications can be found in ResearchGate

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Projects in Brief

3D Tissue Indentation Using Mechanical Bidomain Model


Three-dimensional tissue indentation is a widely used technique to study mechanical properties of soft tissues. We used the tissue indentation to observe mechanotransduction in cardiac tissue. (manuscript in preparation)

Effects of Anisotropy on cardiac tissue with complex fiber geometry


We observed spatial distributions of cardiac mechanotransduction by applying different fiber geometries and anisotropy ratios.

Plant Collection

I collect houseplants and study their scientific classifications such as species, genus and family as a leisure time activity. Sometimes I experiment growth conditions of outdoor plants in indoors. The art of making terrariums always fascinates me and I am still an amateur terrarium artist. Collection of photographs of my plant collection can be found here.